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[Elrond speaking]
But when Aragorn came again to Rivendell he called him to him, and he said: 'My son, years come when hope will fade, and beyond them little is clear to me. And now a shadow lies between us. Maybe, it has been appointed so, that by my loss the kingship of Men may be restored. Therefore, though I love you, I say to you: Arwen Undómiel shall not diminish her life's grace for less cause. She shall not be the bride of any Man less than the King of both Gondor and Arnor. To me then even our victory can bring only sorrow and parting – but to you hope of joy for a while. Alas, my son! I fear that to Arwen the Doom of Men may seem hard at the ending.'
The Lord of the Rings, Tale of Aragorn and Arwen, Appendix A

In this conversation with Aragorn in Rivendell after his betrothal to Arwen in Lórien1, Elrond places a condition on his childrens' marriage that neatly shifts the kingship from duty to desire. A nifty way around some of the problems of inherited positions. Of course, the incentive only works for Aragorn, the transitional Renewer King, and not for any of his fathers or children.

I'm still mulling over the implications of movie!Elrond's statement, "he [Aragorn] has chosen exile." Until the Ring was found, what could Aragorn do to claim the kingship, knowing Denethor as he did, without causing civil war in Gondor at a time when the free peoples needed unity, not division?

1Would they ever have been betrothed if they'd met again in Rivendell and without Galadriel's assistance?


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"'It [Isildur's Bane] does not belong to any mortal, great or small; though if any could claim it, it would be Aragorn son of Arathorn, whom I named, the leader of our Company from Moria to Rauros.' [Frodo]
'Why so, and not Boromir, prince of the City that the sons of Elendil founded?' [Faramir]
'Because Aragorn is descended in direct lineage, father to father, from Isildur Elendil's son himself. And the sword that he bears was Elendil's sword.'
A murmur of astonishment ran through all the ring of men. Some cried aloud: 'The sword of Elendil! The sword of Elendil comes to Minas Tirith! Great tidings!'
The Two Towers, The Window on the West

Aragorn eyes Andúril
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