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2008-03-02 08:54 pm
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This story's a hoot!

"Rivendell International Airport" by Primsong

A bit of humor considering what might have happened if the Fellowship had decided to take a plane instead of walking all that ways - would Anduril make it through security?


Aragorn, who had placed himself at the head of the line in case there were any dangerous moves from the guards, finally stepped up before them, handing them his ticket as he had seen previous people do.

The guard examined it. "Nrogara Cte?" he said. "Odd name."

"It's a Northern dialect," Aragorn said with a straight face.

"Going to Gondor?"

"Just visiting some cousins."

"All right, seems to be in order. Take off your shoes. Go ahead and step through the gate."

"Take off my shoes?"

"That's right. They go in this bin. You can put them back on after you go through."

Aragorn shrugged and knelt down to tug off his boots, then walked through the gate.


Everyone still waiting in line jumped.. Aragorn startled and reflexively whipped out his sword. The guards just shook their heads at him.

"That's probably what set it off."


"It's metal, you'll need to take it off."


"The gate detects if you are carrying any metal," the first guard told him as if instructing a small child.

Aragorn took a deep breath then slowly unbuckled Anduril in its sheath and laid it aside. "Now what?"

"Walk through again."

He tried a second time.


"Any other weapons?"

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2007-09-21 03:48 pm
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Aragorn and cleanliness

"No bath!" by Esteliel01

Little Estel does not like baths! Aided by Elrohir, he hides from Elrond to avoid the morning ritual. But Ada is right on their tail...

All audiences

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2007-09-20 02:26 pm
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I'd like to live in this fic

"Treating with the Enemy" by Larner

Minas Tirith through the eyes of an envoy from Khand.

Featuring Faramir, special guests from the Shire and Rivendell, pets, and, of course, fainting.

All audiences

on Stories of Arda
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2007-09-07 02:15 pm
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Aragorn & Arwen still breaking my heart

"Arwen" by Beth

It always amazed her that he could say so much, simply by saying her name.

Adults; rated for the married couple and what they get up to.


—when her name fell as softly as a prayer of thanksgiving she knew that for all that Middle-earth had placed their hopes in him, he had placed his own in her."

Arwen's pov, 2 years on.

Many thanks to [ profile] ainu_laire for rec'ing the Teitho Fanfiction Archive.

Teitho Fanfiction Archive
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2007-07-30 04:47 am
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Little Estel

"Erestor and Estel" by Pentangle-linnon

A series of short stories, each chapter one complete ficlet, starring grumpy ol' Erestor and darling little Estel.

This is a series (ongoing) of ficlets concerning a very young Estel and the author's version of Erestor, an advisor to Elrond. Each 'chapter' is a complete story. They progress forward in time, showing the developing relationship between the two.

General audience, 5 chapters so far; Chapter 6, "Erestor's Garden," is really good.

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2007-07-06 03:45 pm
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A Ranger in The Prancing Pony

"North and South" by Nesta

Uniting the kingdom, one drink at a time

on Stories of Arda
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2007-07-06 02:42 pm
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Thorongil and Denethor in a sticky social situation

"The Eagle's Gift" by Raksha the Demon

As Denethor awaits entry to his bride's bed, a present is delivered by an unlikely, and unwelcome, visitor.

All audiences, 2,937 words
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2007-07-02 07:33 am
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Talking on a rainy day in Rivendell

"Ten Thousand Years" by Marta

Boromir and Arwen talk about choices.

on Tolkien Fan Fiction:
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2007-06-29 03:06 pm
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LotR Mary Sue litmus test, G-rated version

from [ profile] belegcuthalion


Adapted from "Gil Shalos' BIIIIG List Of LOTR
Fanfic Cliches And Mary Sue-Doms"
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2007-06-16 08:05 am
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On the road again

"Journey's End" by Altariel

All audiences, 1717 words

Two Rangers at the inn of the Seven Stars in Ithilien.

"He put his hand to his forehead, and laughed until his shoulders shook and the tears ran down his face, while his friend watched on as if he had just achieved a victory as great and unexpected as breaking down a black gate."
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2007-05-14 06:14 pm
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A glimpse of the early decades of the Fourth Age

"The Days of the King" by [ profile] randomrattle

34 chapters, adult content (het)

Really strong characterizations, mostly canon characters, primarily Aragorn, Arwen, Legolas, Gandalf, Gimli.

Have been meaning to rec this for awhile. Book One is complete, and random has started Book Two, more of an action adventure (plenty of action in Book One, however, make no mistake!).
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2007-05-12 06:07 pm

Now available at HASA

"Elladan's Biograph Script" by Darth Fingon

The continuing saga of Elladan, son of Elrond.

A very ridiculous AU in which Rivendell bears a striking resemblance to modern day Calgary, Alberta. Elladan's journal records his daily life, beginning the summer before the Fellowship of the Ring is formed. Implied and non-graphic sexuality, both slash and het.
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2007-05-10 05:22 pm
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(no subject)

"Arwen's Will" by Wimsey
1685 words; no warnings

Elrond learns of Arwen's betrothal. An angry elf lord and his determined daughter.

. . . "Would you have prepared a betrothal feast, fetched Gilraen back from her kin in the north? Would you have given us your blessing and rejoiced in our love?"

Makes me almost wish that Arwen had followed Aragorn into the wild . . .
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2007-03-29 03:02 pm
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"The Spaces between Two Silences" by [ profile] illyria_nova

The Tale of Aragorn and Arwen in Appendix A comes to life.
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2007-01-29 06:05 am
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Why do Aragorn and Legolas keep getting into trouble?

Why do Aragorn and Legolas always end up in dangerous situations? Will Elrond finally put his foot down?

It's all here: the unbelievable injuries, the angst/humor/healing tea, Elrond's eyebrows, The Els, Aragorn's conveniently-missing mother ("she's just too hard to write").

I enjoy reading Aragorn Legolas friendship fics, but there is a certain amount of cliche that's developed in the fanon, and it's fun to see that exposed.

"The Sacrifices of Friendship" by peredhil lover

2 chapters, 5645 words, all audiences

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2006-12-29 08:26 am
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Council of Elrond period fic rec

Many thanks to [ profile] meneathiel for the rec!

"A Question of Duty" by Daw

The decision to accompany Frodo must have been difficult for Legolas, given that he was needed in Mirkwood.

9 chapters, 32,000 words, all audiences

On Henneth Annun
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2006-12-26 04:50 am
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Christmas fic gifts

Thank you to all the great writers and moderators/organizers who've made LotR/Lotrips Christmas fic exchanges a gift for everyone this year! The stories are particularly good this year. I've had to read very fast just to keep up!

Warning: mostly male/male slash and rated R or NC17 but some general/het stories as well

LotR Fictional Person Slash:

Faramir Fiction Archive Midwinter Swap

Lord of the Rings Secret Santa
moderated by [ profile] caras_galadhon, [ profile] empy, [ profile] kimberleigh_, and [ profile] shirasade
separate listings for Hobbits/Interspecies and Elves and Men

Eagle of the Star by [ profile] alex_quine is an R-rated Denethor/Thorongil with a strong guest star appearance by Ecthelion

Secret Santa Fanfic Swap
Mostly Elves but some Men

LotR Real Person Slash:

ViggOrli Secret Santa
organized/moderated by [ profile] lennongirl

Slasha, Baby
maintainers: [ profile] mcee, [ profile] msilverstar, [ profile] yueni
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2006-12-22 07:20 am
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Faramir employs his political skills

"The Call of Duty" by MerryKK

While Aragorn is celebrating in Cormallen, Faramir is struggling with the political and moral dilemma of the return of the king in Minas Tirith.

All audiences, 2 chapters + epilogue, 8686 words

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2006-11-11 07:19 am
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Aragorn's elvish in-law on kingship and the friendship between men and elves

"Counsel" by Alassiel

On the eve of his coronation, Aragorn receives advice from a friend.

All audiences; one shot

on Stories of Arda
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2006-11-11 06:59 am
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Fellowship fic

"Despair" by Silivren Tinu

Concerned about the growing tension between Boromir and Aragorn, and the influence of the One Ring on the Gondorian, Legolas decides to intervene and confront Boromir before it may be too late for all of them. FotR gapfiller.

All audiences