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An article on Valentine's Day in my local newspaper stated that, in Victorian times, a piece of jewelry shaped liked a snake with its tail in its mouth meant eternal love.

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[ profile] athelas51 posted screencaps for The Two Towers and Return of the King documentaries by Costa Botes. These are Aragorn or Aragorn doubles except for the last one. Don't be drinking anything when you get to the last one!
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click the thumbnails

*hums as she spruces up the journal for spring*

Pics resized from [ profile] sagralisse
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*click* on my first thumbnail for larger version (trying to be thoughtful of those on dialup):

(filename Ithilas, which might indicate the source)

So glad to be back online after our phone/internet went down for an age 4 days.
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from [ profile] flybaby014563 Aragorn picspam

Better version than my pic posted earlier.
From Vanity Fair
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*spruces up journal for the new year*


Oct. 15th, 2005 03:41 pm
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For Romi, who appreciates rangerlegs

Horse charmer
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
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Didn't have time today to look at all of my Rangerlegs screen caps from The Two Towers, so instead here are pics of Aragorn in Rohan.

council in Meduseld
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
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Behind the scenes, clapping in the Hall of Kings.

Weapontake at Helm's Deep (1 photo) )
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'There is more than one horse coming,' said Aragorn.

'Certainly,' said Gandalf. 'We are too great a burden for one.'

'There are three,' said Legolas, gazing out over the plain. 'See how they run! There is Hasufel, and there is my friend Arod beside him! But there is another that strides ahead: a very great horse. I have not seen his like before.'

'Nor will you again,' said Gandalf. 'That is Shadowfax. He is the chief of the Mearas, lords of horses, and not even Théoden, King of Rohan, has ever looked on a better. Does he not shine like silver, and run as smoothly as a swift stream? He has come for me: the horse of the White Rider. We are going to battle together.'

Even as the old wizard spoke, the great horse came striding up the slope towards them; his coat was glistening and his mane flowing in the wind of his speed. The two others followed, now far behind. As soon as Shadowfax saw Gandalf, he checked his pace and whinnied loudly; then trotting gently forward he stooped his proud head and nuzzled his great nostrils against the old man's neck.

Gandalf caressed him. 'It is a long way from Rivendell, my friend,' he said; 'but you are wise and swift and come at need. Far let us ride now together, and part not in this world again!'

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, "The White Rider"

slightly different pic )
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I think that Gilraen was a major influence on Aragorn's being able to fulfill his destiny. Arathorn's premature death and her sacrifices for her people and her son probably didn't leave her a lot of opportunities for lightheartedness, but in this she may not have been noticeably grimmer than the rest of the Dúnedain, a dwindling and scattered people used to keeping their own counsel.

'After a few years [following Aragorn's and Arwen's betrothal] Gilraen took leave of Elrond and returned to her own people in Eriador, and lived alone; and she seldom saw her son again, for he spent many years in far countries. But on a time, when Aragorn had returned to the North, he came to her, and she said to him before he went:

'"This is our last parting, Estel, my son. I am aged by care, even as one of lesser Men; and now that it draws near I cannot face the darkness of our time that gathers upon Middle-earth. I shall leave it soon."

'Aragorn tried to comfort her, saying: "Yet there may be a light beyond the darkness; and if so, I would have you see it and be glad."

'But she answered only with this linnod:

Onen I-Estel Edain, ú-chebin estel anim,1

and Aragorn went away heavy of heart. Gilraen died before the next spring.

1'I gave Hope to the Dúnedain, I have kept no hope for myself.'

The Lord of the Rings, Appendix A: The Tale of Aragorn and Arwen

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Aug. 9th, 2005 03:10 pm
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RotK ee screen caps, Disk 5: Home of the Horse Lords

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So far my camera is still better than husband's new scanner for reproducing magazine pics, but this scanned early Aragorn pic isn't too bad.

Vanity Fair p 377 (2000 or 2001, didn't record month)
photo by Hugh Stewart
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[Gandalf speaking] . . . 'You must tell me more. Now sit by me and tell me the tale of your journey.'

The companions sat on the ground at his feet, and Aragorn took up the tale. For a long while Gandalf said nothing, and he asked no questions. His hands were spread upon his knees, and his eyes were closed. At last when Aragorn spoke of the death of Boromir and of his last journey upon the Great River, the old man sighed.

'You have not said all that you know or guess, Aragorn my friend,' he said quietly. 'Poor Boromir! I could not see what happened to him. It was a sore trial for such a man: a warrior, and a lord of men. Galadriel told me that he was in peril. But he escaped in the end. I am glad. It was not in vain that the young hobbits came with us, if only for Boromir's sake. But that is not the only part they have to play. They were brought to Fangorn, and their coming was like the falling of small stones that starts an avalanche in the mountains. Even as we talk here, I hear the first rumblings. Saruman had best not be caught away from home when the dam bursts!'

'In one thing you have not changed, dear friend,' said Aragorn: 'you still speak in riddles.'

'What? In riddles?' said Gandalf. 'No! For I was talking aloud to myself. A habit of the old: they choose the wisest person present to speak to; the long explanations needed by the young are wearying.' He laughed, but the sound now seemed warm and kindly as a gleam of sunshine.

'I am no longer young even in the reckoning of Men of the Ancient Houses,' said Aragorn. 'Will you not open your mind more clearly to me? . . .'
The Two Towers, "The White Rider"

2 more Aragorn & Gandalf pics )
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The Rangerlegs make their first dramatic appearance in The Prancing Pony.

The infamous Bill Ferny is the one who calls Aragorn Longshanks.

Over the hedge another man was staring boldly. He had heavy black brows, and dark scornful eyes; his large mouth curled in a sneer. He was smoking a short black pipe. As they approached he took it out of his mouth and spat.

'Morning, Longhshanks!' he said. 'Off early? Found some friends at last?' Strider nodded, but did not answer.

'Morning, my little friends!' he said to the others. 'I suppose you know who you've taken up with? That's Stick-at-naught Strider, that is! Though I've heard other names not so pretty. Watch out tonight! And you, Sammie, don't go ill-treating my poor old pony! Pah!' He spat again.

Sam turned quickly. 'And you, Ferny,' he said, 'put your ugly face out of sight, or it will get hurt.' With a sudden flick, quick as lightning, an apple left his hand and hit Bill square on the nose. He ducked too late, and curses came from behind the hedge. 'Waste of a good apple,' said Sam regretfully, and strode on.
The Fellowship of the Ring, "A Knife in the Dark"
(Quoted from the $3 copy of the single-volume paperback The Lord of the Rings that I bought at the flea market last week).

11 Rangerleg photos )
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caps from The Two Towers ee

3 more pics )
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capped from RotK ee, disk 3 Introduction

Now the Captains of the West led their host towards the City, and folk saw them advance in line upon line, flashing and glinting in the sunrise and rippling like silver. And so they came before the Gateway and halted a furlong from the walls. As yet no gates had been set up again, but a barrier was laid across the entrance to the City, and there stood men at arms in silver and black with long swords drawn. Before the barrier stood Faramir the Steward, and Húrin Warden of the Keys, and other captains of Gondor, and the Lady Éowyn of Rohan with Elfhelm the Marshal and many knights of the Mark; and upon either side of the Gate was a great press of fair people in raiment of many colours and garlands of flowers.

So now there was a wide space before the walls of Minas Tirith, and it was hemmed in upon all sides by the knights and the soldiers of Gondor and of Rohan, and by the people of the City and of all parts of the land. A hush fell upon all as out from the host stepped the Dúnedain in silver and grey; and before them came walking slow the Lord Aragorn. He was clad in black mail girt with silver, and he wore a long mantle of pure white clasped at the throat with a great jewel of green that shone from afar; but his head was bare save for a star upon his forehead bound by a slender fillet of silver. With him were Éomer of Rohan, and the Prince Imrahil, and Gandalf robed all in white, and four small figures that many men marvelled to see.
The Return of the King, “The Steward and the King”
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Was getting tired of Saruman's hand as my most recent entry, so here's something new.

'And more deadly to Frodo was this!' He stooped again and lifted up a long thin knife. There was a cold gleam in it. As Strider raised it they saw that near the end its edge was notched and the point was broken off. But even as he held it up in the growing light, they gazed in astonishment, for the blade seemed to melt, and vanished like a smoke in the air, leaving only the hilt in Strider's hand. 'Alas!' he cried. 'It was this accursed knife that gave the wound. Few now have the skill in healing to match such evil weapons. But I will do what I can.'

He sat down on the ground, and taking the dagger-hilt laid it on his knees, and he sang over it a slow song in a strange tongue. Then setting it aside, he turned to Frodo and in a soft tone spoke words the others could not catch. From the pouch at his belt he drew out the long leaves of a plant.

'These leaves,' he said, 'I have walked far to find; for this plant does not grow in the bare hills; but in the thickets away south of the Road I found it in the dark by the scent of its leaves.' He crushed a leaf in his fingers, and it gave out a sweet and pungent fragrance. 'It is fortunate that I could find it, for it is a healing plant that the Men of the West brought to Middle-earth. Athelas they named it, and it grows now sparsely and only near places where they dwelt or camped of old; and it is not known in the North, except to some of those who wander in the Wild. It has great virtues, but over such a wound as this its healing powers may be small.'

He threw the leaves into boiling water and bathed Frodo's shoulder. The fragrance of the steam was refreshing, and those that were unhurt felt their minds calmed and cleared. The herb had also some power over the wound, for Frodo felt the pain and also the sense of frozen cold lessen in his side; but the life did not return to his arm, and he could not raise or use his hand. . . .
The Fellowship of the Ring, "Flight to the Ford"

I hadn't thought before of how the plant had dwindled even as the Dúnedain themselves.


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