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[ profile] athelas51 has posted screencaps of the Aragorn fishing scene. These are from Costa Botes's documentary of filming The Fellowship of the Ring on the new limited edition versions of the films.

Seeing Aragorn wearing the Ring of Barahir and reaching for a fishing lure makes my day.
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Behind the scenes, clapping in the Hall of Kings.

Weapontake at Helm's Deep (1 photo) )
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[Gandalf speaking] . . . 'You must tell me more. Now sit by me and tell me the tale of your journey.'

The companions sat on the ground at his feet, and Aragorn took up the tale. For a long while Gandalf said nothing, and he asked no questions. His hands were spread upon his knees, and his eyes were closed. At last when Aragorn spoke of the death of Boromir and of his last journey upon the Great River, the old man sighed.

'You have not said all that you know or guess, Aragorn my friend,' he said quietly. 'Poor Boromir! I could not see what happened to him. It was a sore trial for such a man: a warrior, and a lord of men. Galadriel told me that he was in peril. But he escaped in the end. I am glad. It was not in vain that the young hobbits came with us, if only for Boromir's sake. But that is not the only part they have to play. They were brought to Fangorn, and their coming was like the falling of small stones that starts an avalanche in the mountains. Even as we talk here, I hear the first rumblings. Saruman had best not be caught away from home when the dam bursts!'

'In one thing you have not changed, dear friend,' said Aragorn: 'you still speak in riddles.'

'What? In riddles?' said Gandalf. 'No! For I was talking aloud to myself. A habit of the old: they choose the wisest person present to speak to; the long explanations needed by the young are wearying.' He laughed, but the sound now seemed warm and kindly as a gleam of sunshine.

'I am no longer young even in the reckoning of Men of the Ancient Houses,' said Aragorn. 'Will you not open your mind more clearly to me? . . .'
The Two Towers, "The White Rider"

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His ways were hard and long, and he became somewhat grim to look upon, unless he chanced to smile; and yet he seemed to Men worthy of honour, as a king that is in exile, when he did not hide his true shape. . . .

His face was sad and stern because of the doom that was laid on him, and yet hope dwelt ever in the depths of his heart, from which mirth would arise at times like a spring from the rock.
The Return of the King, Appendix A (v): The Tale of Aragorn and Arwen

After the Houses of Healing drama of Faramir recognizing the returned king and Éowyn's angst, the final HoH scene with Aragorn, Merry, and Pippin provides light comic relief. I really should have typed Aragorn's earlier dialogue with the herbmaster during Faramir's healing to provide context for this scene, but alas! you're on your own, dear readers.

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"It's the beards!"

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Feb. 4th, 2005 11:39 am
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But Imrahil said to Éomer, “Is it thus that we speak to our kings? Yet maybe he will wear his crown in some other name!”

And Aragorn, hearing him, turned and said, “Verily, for in the high tongue of old I am Elessar, the Elfstone, and Envinyatar, the Renewer.”

Arwen and Aragorn's son Eldarion is one of the first (he had several sisters) of the new Telcontar line

For me this scene of the happy and appropriately old king in green, with gray ranger hair and cute!son in arms, compensates for a lot of the AU aspect of the films.


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