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"North and South" by Nesta

Uniting the kingdom, one drink at a time

on Stories of Arda
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"The Eagle's Gift" by Raksha the Demon

As Denethor awaits entry to his bride's bed, a present is delivered by an unlikely, and unwelcome, visitor.

All audiences, 2,937 words
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"Ten Thousand Years" by Marta

Boromir and Arwen talk about choices.

on Tolkien Fan Fiction:
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"The Call of Duty" by MerryKK

While Aragorn is celebrating in Cormallen, Faramir is struggling with the political and moral dilemma of the return of the king in Minas Tirith.

All audiences, 2 chapters + epilogue, 8686 words

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In his talk to Peregrin as they rode on Shadowfax from Dol Baran (The Two Towers), Gandalf's immediate object was to give the Hobbit some idea of the history of the palantíri, so that he might begin to realize the ancientry, dignity, and power of things that he had presumed to meddle with. . . . Gandalf's mind was at the same time earnestly busy with the Stones, considering the bearing of the revelation at Dol Baran upon many things that he had observed and pondered: such as the wide knowledge of events far away possessed by Denethor, and his appearance of premature old age, first observable when he was not much above sixty years old, although he belonged to a race and family that still normally had longer lives than other men. more quotes from Unfinished Tales )
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"Entwine" by [ profile] alex_quine

Sequel to "Cold Pressing"

Warning for male/male slash, but this story's more about relationships than sex. Intriguing tale.

I didn't find an index to all 9 chapters yet, but they're all in the author's aragorn/boromir tag below, along with her other stories.
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“Cold Pressing” by [ profile] alex_quine

After the war, Aragorn and Boromir meet again. Aragorn gets told that he thinks too much.

This story was begun as a single chapter with two different endings. Really interesting tale with a satisfying end.

Warnings for male/male slash, AU, Mpreg, angst

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


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