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"The Eagle's Gift" by Raksha the Demon

As Denethor awaits entry to his bride's bed, a present is delivered by an unlikely, and unwelcome, visitor.

All audiences, 2,937 words
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In his talk to Peregrin as they rode on Shadowfax from Dol Baran (The Two Towers), Gandalf's immediate object was to give the Hobbit some idea of the history of the palantíri, so that he might begin to realize the ancientry, dignity, and power of things that he had presumed to meddle with. . . . Gandalf's mind was at the same time earnestly busy with the Stones, considering the bearing of the revelation at Dol Baran upon many things that he had observed and pondered: such as the wide knowledge of events far away possessed by Denethor, and his appearance of premature old age, first observable when he was not much above sixty years old, although he belonged to a race and family that still normally had longer lives than other men. more quotes from Unfinished Tales )
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"Call Yourself Thorongil" by [ profile] nilmandra007

What lies behind Aragorn's southern alias?

On Stories of Arda
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“Red River” by Altariel
Aragorn and Faramir in a short fable of globalization and chess. Fourth Age 25.

on Tolkien Fan Fiction
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“Theme and Variations” by Gandalfs apprentice

Marriage is on everyone's mind in Minas Tirith after the war. Told from Faramir's point of view as he adjusts to his new life and gets to know the king. Written for the Steward and the King Challenge at HASA.

Stories of Arda
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"Child of Hope" by Galadriel [ profile] caras_galadhon

Duty, responsibility and the admonishments of his mother are all that stand between Boromir and a day better spent running through his city. The Sons of Gondor, their parents, and a surprise guest.
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“Toward the Sunrise” by Elemmire2
6 chs., 20,000 words, violence

Thorongil has convinced Ecthelion that a raid on Umbar is Gondor’s best hope. Now he must face--and defeat-–the mighty Corsairs of Umbar.
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"The Summons" by Gandalfs apprentice

Aragorn discusses the Denethor situation with Gandalf and Boromir makes a discovery about a hero from Gondor's past.

1,750 words, no reader warnings.

on Tolkien fanfiction


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Eagle of the Star
"In much that [Ecthelion II, Steward of Gondor] did he had the aid and advice of a great captain whom he loved above all. Thorongil men called him in Gondor, the Eagle of the Star, for he was swift and keen-eyed, and wore a silver star upon his cloak; but no one knew his true name nor in what land he was born. He came to Ecthelion from Rohan, where he had served the King Thengel, but he was not one of the Rohirrim. . . .
There was dismay in the City at the departure of Thorongil, and to all men it seemed a great loss, unless it were to Denethor, the son of Ecthelion, a man now ripe for the Stewardship . . .
. . . many believed that Denethor, who was subtle in mind and looked further and deeper than other men of his day, had discovered who this stranger Thorongil in truth was, and suspected that he and Mithrandir designed to supplant him."
The Return of the King, Appendix A Gondor and the Heirs of Anárion

"A comely arse and he's a good listener too. Go figure."
Frodo about Aragorn, from Elizabeth Wyeth's "Aragorn Stew"
screencap resized from [ profile] sagralisse

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